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Conferencing is designed to bring large groups, such as conference room to conference room, as well as individuals, desktop to desktop, together for various business activities. Conferencing is just as effective in bringing two individuals together as it is with groups in multi-point sites in different locations.

Conferencing options available to businesses:

Video Conferencing is the use of two way audio and video telecommunications to bring people at different locations together for meetings, presentations and/or training.

Visual and Audio Conferencing. Visual and Audio Conferencing allows for internal and external sharing of desktop or applications with others. Business can make use of these conferencing options to transmit meeting activities such as making presentations and/or recording conferences. Visual conferencing allows for the sharing of computer-displayed information and document sharing while audio conferencing is the use of high quality sound, connecting people in different locations using audio only.

Converged Conferencing. Converged conferencing combines all the conferencing options into one providing the user with a complete conferencing experience. Combining video, visual, audio, instant messaging, online presentations and multi-media improves usability, saves money and keeps ongoing maintenance simple.

Having your communications tools available and combined provides faster responses to your customer queries and helps your business make informed decisions.

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