Cisco Spark

In today’s businesses we juggle more and more projects at the same time, with more and more people. It seems we’re never in the same spot at the same time and that makes it difficult to keep track of where we left off and who was engaged. Our best ideas and discussions start when we work together in one place, where we can stay connected and have the ability to share content openly and easily… introducing Cisco Spark.

Cisco Spark is an app which provides one integrated communications experience from the cloud. It allows you to message, meet, and call teams anywhere from any device. You can set up virtual rooms that automatically come equipped with the things you and your teams need. You see and hear other people face-to-face while you work together. All participants experience a consistent experience across all of your devices. You can keep the discussions going, sharing content easily by opening files right in the app for instant preview. You can send messages to either one person or to the group.

With Cisco Spark, teams work simpler and ideas connect instantly. The app is easy to use, as easy as walking into a room and anyone on your team can get it started.

Benefits of Cisco Spark

With Cisco Spark you’ll get affordable, cloud-based, enterprise-grade voice, messaging and conferencing. It is simple to setup, use and administer. Built from the ground up, Cisco Spark improves and expands your communication system without requiring an investment in additional infrastructure.

Cisco Spark offers everything you need, on the device in your hand. Connect your teams everywhere with message, meeting & calling services on the go, from their desk phone, laptop or tablet, or from a Spark meeting room.

Cisco Spark replaces outdated equipment that isn’t working optimally with a more cost-effective, easy-to-maintain communications system. It allows you to affordably keep your communications system updated, relevant and useful to employees. It will also fulfill and maintain your mobile employees’ needs.

“Since Stablenet is similarly scaled in its marketplace to the position we occupy in manufacturing, we find them to be a good fit within our organization. Throughout our 14-year working relationship they have been very supportive of our networking and general computing needs.

Stablenet developed our network system from scratch. Our manufacturing systems require an ever greater level of connectivity and our users and customers demand an increasing number of secure and remote connections to that system. They just implemented a 100+ VDI Wyse thin client solution for all our computing on the manufacturing floor in the U.S.

More than eight years ago Stablenet installed a VOIP telephone system which continues to work very well for us with significantly improved voice quality and enhanced flexibility over our old system.

Based on their performance in supporting us, I would not hesitate in recommending Stablenet’s services. They have been very effective. Stablenet’s responsiveness is second to none.”

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