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Are you looking for the ultimate in phone system convenience? ShoreTel Connect Cloud is a phone, text, mobile, conference, online meeting system that makes collaboration fast and easy, hosted and managed from the cloud. Because it’s hosted and managed the service frees up your IT resources and makes it plug-and-play easy to scale up or scale down to accommodate location and staffing needs. It is a true end-to-end communication solution for your business including the ShoreTel IP phones, ShoreTel software and Stablenet customer support.

It’s a lot more than just a phone system, ShoreTel Connect Cloud puts all the best multitasking communications tools together in a single sleek next-gen app that runs on any device. Instant messaging, conferencing and desktop sharing controls are placed right where you need them making teamwork and sharing a breeze. Security and availability are consistent since connect cloud is deployed out of secure redundant data centers. Stablenet technicians also deliver world-class support for everything from technical questions to advice on how to maximize your business intelligence.

Read on to learn how you can achieve the highest voice quality and delivery with ShoreTel Connect Cloud, a truly complete, certified and integrated solution.

Cloud Business Phone System Advantages

Because it hosted and managed in the cloud, your staff is free to focus on ideas, relationships, and growth, not on getting your phone technology to work.

As your business grows you are able to easily add features and upgrades to your system as needed. These new capabilities will be available to all employees at the same time with minimal IT effort and no hardware requirements.

With ShoreTel Connect CLOUD’s mobility app, team collaboration is a seamless experience. No matter where employees are in the world; home, hotel or even on the beach, they are still able to take and manage calls just like they were sitting at their desks.

Efficiency and customer service is also improved since communication across multiple locations is easier to manage. Employees and customers experience the same experience, regardless of location.

UCaaS solutions (Unified Communications as a Service) deliver deep levels of reliability and redundancy at the software and network layers. These reliability features allow your business to protect phone experience just like you protect the integrity of your networks. There are two types of DR plans built right in; loss of connectivity and inability to get into the office.

Shoretel Connect Cloud

ShoreTel Connect

ShoreTel’s all-in-one Unified Communication (UC) solution makes collaboration convenient and easy, evolving as your business demands change. Combining flexibility with ease of use can increase user adoption, reduce training and maximize productivity.

There Are Three Deployment Options To Choose From:

Cloud UC

Migrating Data To The Cloud

ShoreTel Connect CLOUD is an all-in-one unified communication system hosted and managed in the cloud for worry-free convenience.

Onsite UC

Maintaining Data

The ShoreTel Connect ONSITE system enables you to manage your data on-premise for easy integrations with other applications.

Hybird UC

Combining Cloud &

The convenient ShoreTel Connect HYBRID model enables you to retain flexibility as you move some features to the cloud and keep others onsite.

“Since Stablenet is similarly scaled in its marketplace to the position we occupy in manufacturing, we find them to be a good fit within our organization. Throughout our 14-year working relationship they have been very supportive of our networking and general computing needs.

Stablenet developed our network system from scratch. Our manufacturing systems require an ever greater level of connectivity and our users and customers demand an increasing number of secure and remote connections to that system. They just implemented a 100+ VDI Wyse thin client solution for all our computing on the manufacturing floor in the U.S.

More than eight years ago Stablenet installed a VOIP telephone system which continues to work very well for us with significantly improved voice quality and enhanced flexibility over our old system.

Based on their performance in supporting us, I would not hesitate in recommending Stablenet’s services. They have been very effective. Stablenet’s responsiveness is second to none.”

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